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Review ~ Mini Studio Lightbox

Not really sure I will be doing many reviews, but I thought I’d give it a go!


This is my first attempt at a review and contains affiliate links.

(Disclaimer ~ I’ve had an Amazon affiliate account for  several years and never actually linked anything to it!)

This is what I bought – 16 inches portable mini studio with LED lights and four backgrounds from Amazon. Currently £24.99

First off, this is a nightmare to put up.  It did not come with instructions and putting it up should be easy.  The theory is  – connect all the press studs.  Trouble is that once you have one side done up and you move to the other side, it collapses.  It took me several attempts to get both sides up at the same time.  Even when it is assembled, the sides cave in.  One reviewer on Amazon has a great solution though – simply get a ruler and using pegs, attach it to the side and it reinforces it.  Clever.

I’d recommend getting the larger size.  This was the biggest of the portable boxes and once you’ve set up the area you have to work  in seems small.  Maybe a pair of shoes is the biggest item you could get in.

Fully assembled ~ also works as a cat magnet!

The backgrounds seem like a great idea but they are made of a foam type of material and mark really easily.  By the time I’d put them in the box they had scuffs on them which the LED light beautifully highlights…

There is a USB cable supplied (no charger)  I plugged mine into my computer at the side of the box, the cable is not very long approx 30″ (77cm)

Onto the photographs.  Just a side note ~ just because you have lots of lovely vintage things in your house does not mean they make great subjects.  I think the art of choosing what to photograph is almost as impressive as the art of taking the photographs.

I photographed my music box with three of the backgrounds for contrast.  Playing with backgrounds is as intriguing as playing with the light.  I used a “soften” filter just because I liked the look of it and these pictures were just to see the effect of the different backgrounds.

The rest of the photographs haven’t been edited in any way, apart from being cropped.  The backgrounds do help to crisp up the images and the LED light strip is handy but results can be a bit hit and miss.  The white background looks over exposed and the picture of the bunny was taken without the light on as the light hit the glaze and made it super shiny.

On the whole this would be a great piece of kit for online sellers taking product pictures.  That being said, you can take a piece off the top of the box and shoot from above which is  how I got the flower shot on my last post.  That worked really well and  is probably how I will continue to use this.

Should I give marks?  6/10

In hindsight I would probably buy it again.  It’s perfect for products to sell online and great for small items.

The cat highly recommends it!


Lainey x



Still Life Preview


I have just bought a portable light box with LED light strip and four backgrounds.  A cheap solution to having lots of kit.  First impressions are only ok but I will be having a play with it all over the weekend.

Review to follow next week!

Have a great weekend.

Lainey x