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My little guys…

In 2000, before we were off on the trip of a lifetime to see friends in Malaysia,  we bought the Rough Guide to Malaysia.  We wanted to get an idea of what we wanted to see and try to get a plan together for the trip.  In the end we pretty much left it to our friends to show us places because it felt like too much country and too little time!  Our friends had  been there a while and knew all the amazing places to visit.

There was however one place that I’d highlighted in the guide.  The Batu Caves. One of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India.

At the time I was feeling mentally, and spiritually tired and was starting to get interested in Eastern philosophies and especially Hinduism.  So the caves were the one place I needed to see.

A couple of pages on from the caves was a really cute little picture of these little monk type of souvenirs.  There were several designs of the figures and the picture was simply called  “Market stall.  Jalan Petaling.”  I took quite a shine to those little guys and was determined to find some on our trip.

Could not find them anywhere.

We visited the caves, which are incredible.  And surrounded by the views, the statues, artwork, and the little Macaque monkeys,  I had a sort of spiritual epiphany, lol.  The weight of internal struggles fell away and started  me on the path to Pantheism.

We then headed over to get a drink and there were my little guys.  To the disgust of my friends and maybe even the stall holder, I didn’t haggle.  I just got them on the spot!

A reminder of a beautiful place, a great holiday and the start of a (slightly!) more peaceful heart.

Lainey x


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