Collecting Tips

It’s been a really long time since I properly used Pinterest.  It changed about so much it became a less and less enjoyable experience.

A few years ago it was fun to create boards, share ideas, meet some really amazing people, and get inspired!  But between promoted pins and “picked for you pins”  my home feed just became dull.  I learnt you can go to settings now and switch off the “picked for you” pins but I still get promoted pins.  They’ve also stopped showing who has pinned the pins you are seeing in order for you to click through.  It’s all got tedious.

So I’ve gone back to using it just for bookmarking.  I now that was the original idea of it but it was fun and sociable for a time.  Anyway – I seem to be a woman in a constant state of brain fog at the moment.  Reading is a massive challenge at the moment,  I have the attention span of a….whatever it is that has a short attention span!

I’ve always been a visual learner (wish I’d known that at school!) so Pinterest is perfect for me.  I’m collecting very visual pins with great, short bursts of information and plenty of pictures – hopefully some of this info will stick this time.

They don’t get better than this…



I’ll keep adding tips – maybe you’ll find some helpful too 🙂


Lainey x