I’m Lainey, a collector of vintage photographs and a creator of photo based art.
Nottingham born and bred, I grew up in a household that adored other peoples old things and their history!


Family outings often saw us in junk shops and we visited local auctions on a regular basis.  A love of old books led me to study Fine Bookbinding and Paper Conservation at Guildford Tech in the late 80’s and I later worked for several years as a Paper Conservator.

A love of old photographs has since led me to collage.  I still make collages with scissors and glue but I’m moving more towards digital art.

I love Nick Cave, fairgrounds, and any words written by Kazuo Ishiguro and while I love my day job I often dream about running away to the seaside 🙂

Lainey x

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Lainey. I hope you are finding lots to entertain you and maybe making some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while check it out again. Please feel free to add comments. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.


  2. I have just gotten back to having time to read blogs again. Missed yours! Oddly, coming in I landed on the about page and did not know you were a bookbinder. I have made loads of paper in my time and now am moving into binding my own journals. So we have conservation, bookbinding and papermaking all in common — oh and that little thing called artist. Glad to see you posting again!

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