As much as I enjoy playing about in Photoshop,  I seem to prefer trying different ways to re-photograph things.  I suppose I’m not as techie minded as I used to be.  I like messing about with light and photographing things through other things.


This image is a photograph taken with an old photographic plate on top.  I’m using it as a study for something new.  I’m supposed to be organising my photographs…I’m very easily distracted!


New Work



I had intended to re-stock my online shops this weekend.  However as much as I like my old stuff and it is fun to see how your work changes over time,  I didn’t like any of it enough to sell anymore.  So, I’ve left the shops alone for now and gone back to basics.  Taken some simple ideas and found a couple of old book covers to collage on.

I like the restricted space and the grungy feel of the old covers.  I really like the cover on cover of the second picture – it gives it an almost framed look.

I think they need an extra element but I’m trying not to overthink at this point!  So for now I’m leaving them out ready for any ideas that may pop into my head…

Lainey x

Rebooting My System

Work in progress


Finding the time to sit and work has been a big, big issue in my house.  We’ve downsized so I don’t have a spare room to leave all my work and supplies out ready for action.  This has now proven to be a good thing.  As much as I would love a little studio, it would have to be space completely separate from the house.  A spare room to work in often  became a junk room and a black hole of lost items.

I’ve had to re-organise and now it turns out the whole house is my studio.  I have a small worktop in the tiny utility room along with some storage space.  Journals and art books are on a shelf in the bedroom and the materials for current projects are housed in  a couple of cute boxes tucked away in the dining room.  The dining table is now my office!

While making sense of my space, I was racking my brains about time to work.  I feel that I never have the time – which is not entirely true.  While I don’t really like to schedule my time,  I did do a mock up timetable to see how much time I had free.  While I can’t guarantee that I will be in the mood to work between the hours of 6am and 8am on a Monday morning, it’s proven that I potentially have 2 hours free on a Monday.  Getting my head around that and finding ways to keep the cat off my work has been very liberating!

I’m starting to get back into the swing of creating but I’ve said that before and only time will tell…

Anyway I’ve started the collage above, using some Japanese paper fragments, an old book cover, and a photograph I took of a vintage photograph through a negative.   It gave the image a pink effect that I really liked.  Not quite sure where she’s going from here yet.  However, I’ve got a bit of time to work that out.

Lainey x

Spring is in the Air…

It’s been over a week since I blogged but I have been plodding away.  Honest.

My gold leaf arrived and I’ve started sketching out a few ideas for new work.  There was something in the air though…I decided  to have a sort out in the kitchen in order to create a workspace in the utility room.  (Sounds a lot grander than it is – but any space is better than none!)

That very day hubby came home and said he felt it was time for us to put our own stamp on the house now.  We’ve been here over a year and not done anything to the place.  To be fair it didn’t need anything doing but we’d like some extra storage space and we would love to replace some furniture.  You know the type of thing – the cheap/passed down stuff that you had to “make do” with.   When it goes it will take a few crappy memories with it, lol.

On my personal shopping list ready for next payday is a tacking iron.

Well,  I have felt quite productive this weekend.  Except for the two hours I spent watching a terrible/awesome film about two people 50 years apart swapping letters through time via their chimney…!  Some days you just need a dose of daft.


Lainey x


My gold leaf and sketches.

My gold leaf and sketches.

Hello 2017



2016 saw me incredibly uninspired.  I had no interest in any creative work at all.  I tried a few things to get back into a creative flow but I just had nothing.   I spent the last year loving my new job and decompressing from  the bullying  I had endured from my previous job.  We were finally settling into our own home.  A perimenopausal malaise reared it’s ugly head and everytime I sat down to do something creative I just stared into space.

My mind wandered, and it wandered to paper.  I have been in love with Japanese paper since the 1980’s and spent a lot of time last year reading about Wabi Sabi which kind of ties in with my old work in paper conservation.

“Wabi-sabi represents Japanese aesthetics and a Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.” – Lifted from Wikipedia (!)

In paper conservation Japanese paper is used to repair book pages and documents.  It’s  very intricate and all consuming work. When repairs are finished you can see where the old and new mix, the imperfections of the paper becomes beautiful and a new piece of it’s story has been added.  I really miss it.  I miss the textures, layers, and fibres.

So I thought I might go back to collage and start creating Artists Books again.  It will combine the work I miss with my creative spirit. When I think of doing this, I really start to feel inspired. I already have a few ideas sketched out.  And – I’ve been shopping!  Started a new collection of Japanese papers.  Not a lot because it’s really pricey but enough to start out on some new work.


One of my first purchases – yame kozo paper.


I have to string out my art purchases.  Paper this month and next payday will see some Gold Leaf and adhesives coming my way and I am ridiculously excited 🙂

I’m hoping to return fully to blogging – I’ve also missed that.

Lainey x