The Value of Old Work

For the last week I’ve been sorting through all my old work and trying to get my online shops off the ground ~ finally!

I wanted to put a Full Stop on all the pieces that have been floating around for the last few years.  I sorted out work for shops, for re-using and some to just file away.  I have some really lovely vintage photos that I thought about putting on Etsy as downloads ~ I’m still in two minds about that.

Anyway,  as I was going through it there was a lot I loved but it didn’t fit the general aesthetic of my current work.  Part of me thinks just chuck everything online!  But then I also think maybe I should be selective…I’m still mulling that over…

Looking at old work is proving to be quite interesting.  Apart from seeing your progress/journey it can be great for producing new ideas and bouncing stories around.

Gram the World

Old work, might not be the best but it gives you lots of ideas. Never throw anything away…

I found some work I almost threw away but I’m now thinking of re-using it.  So I’ve spent the last week, scanning, cropping, cutting out, and organising images instead of uploading to my shops.

So a bit of a “I have been doing stuff honest” lazy post today, hope everyone is having a good week!

Lainey x


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