Cherished Blogfest 2017

I took part in the Cherished Blogfest in it’s first year and it was one of the loveliest things I’ve ever done on the internet.

Not only does it spark your own imagination and gratitude for some things and the people in your life, it introduces you to new blogs.

New blogs, new stories, other lives.

I wrote about my dog stuffed toy “Pooh” who has been with me since I was two weeks old.  (He’s not that white anymore!)

You may notice the dates have passed.  Lucky for some of us the Blogfest has been extended to the 22nd October.  It’s not too late to join in.  Click on the picture, follow the blog and then pick your cherished item.  The blog itself has information on all the hosts and links to last years blogs.

Obviously once you’ve posted, add your name to the list and start reading!

I’ll be joining in over the weekend, maybe I’ll see you there,

Lainey x


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