Overthinking. Underworking.

Ever played 20 questions on your own?

Fun,  especially when 20 questions turns into 120 questions!

I’ve been too much in my head recently.  Obsessing over every tiny detail of my work and blogging.

I think this stems from my “blink and you miss it” time as a social media assistant – who’s reading this, what’s my brand/niche,  how am I marketing this, what’s my story/artist statement etc…

A Muse in the shape of my little sister helped me unclutter my brain this week.  Combined with a week off work where I mostly tidied up/pleased myself/spent time with my daughter – I feel like my brain has finally stopped asking it’s stupid questions.

I don’t have a brand – I have a job and my artwork is a hobby.  Maybe my Etsy shop will have sales one day, maybe not.

I don’t have a story – I’m living a fairly nice, normal life.  Albeit full of the stories we all have to face.

As for my “niche” – well you know what?  It’s my little corner of the internet and I’m going to blog about what I want (within reason!)

My favourite blogs to read are ones with humour, work, a bit of life, and some inspiration.  That’s me.  That’s my story.

So, I’m keeping it creativity based but I’m posting my work, inspirations, reviews, and maybe even  a bit of a rant of two.  (But nothing too negative…!)

Overthinking stops here…

Lainey x



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