Spring is in the Air…

It’s been over a week since I blogged but I have been plodding away.  Honest.

My gold leaf arrived and I’ve started sketching out a few ideas for new work.  There was something in the air though…I decided  to have a sort out in the kitchen in order to create a workspace in the utility room.  (Sounds a lot grander than it is – but any space is better than none!)

That very day hubby came home and said he felt it was time for us to put our own stamp on the house now.  We’ve been here over a year and not done anything to the place.  To be fair it didn’t need anything doing but we’d like some extra storage space and we would love to replace some furniture.  You know the type of thing – the cheap/passed down stuff that you had to “make do” with.   When it goes it will take a few crappy memories with it, lol.

On my personal shopping list ready for next payday is a tacking iron.

Well,  I have felt quite productive this weekend.  Except for the two hours I spent watching a terrible/awesome film about two people 50 years apart swapping letters through time via their chimney…!  Some days you just need a dose of daft.


Lainey x


My gold leaf and sketches.

My gold leaf and sketches.


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