Etsy and Brexit (No Negativity)


My two penneth…

Etsy issued a statement on the result of the EU Referendum and, while vague, it is one of the best things I’ve read since the result.

The upshot is we have no way of knowing exactly how this will affect shops and businesses that use these online communities.

I think in the short term buyers will get a better deal from us in the UK due to the exchange rates.  In the long term, some of us will have to rethink postage costs and tax issues.  In the meantime we carry on as normal.

Changes will take time to come into effect and will be rolled out on an “as and when” basis.  We won’t have 24 hours to change everything about our shops.  We have traded fine with the rest of the world as well as Europe and we will continue to.

The thing with Etsy, as with many online communities, we have built up our own relationships with each other.  I love my many friends scattered throughout the world that I have met via Etsy, and online. Bureaucrats can’t change these relationships.  They can change how we operate but as always in business we have to adapt and evolve.

Our friends in Europe must feel rejected, this was done en masse but nearly half the country wanted to stay (for the record I voted to stay)  We have to move forward now and how our online communities behave now can show the masses and the politicians how global citizens can behave.   I think it’s a good opportunity to show politicians that “divide and conquer” techniques will not stop us anymore.

We are on Etsy to reach out to all corners of the world and show and see how others live, work, and create and fit into this little world of ours.  That will not change.

Lainey x






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